Friday, September 12, 2008

no one warned me!!!

so.. how come no one told me when you're pregnant... not only does your boobs and belly get does your thighs! my thighs are huge! ugh... its quite distubing to be laying on your side and to look down and see a huge open area of white flesh that seems never ending. my fat pants fit me perfect now. please tell me your body can somewhat get back to normal!

after the baby falls out, im training for the pat tillman run...its in april and i already cant wait! all are invited to join in on my intense workout... starting in february? cross your fingers!!!


Zach and Whitney said...

Stef, your boobs do not need to get bigger. Seriously Porn star boobs. ha ha. Im just getting boobs. Never had them before and Im loving it. I sure hope our bodies bounce back. If not, BOO!

Aimee, Josh & Mylee Jensen said...

congrats on the baby!
you'll love being a mommy!

im sorry i don't know who this is. there are no pictures of you lol

The Burners said...

oh man i wrote a post and it lost it! well i think you look beautiful and dont worry, pregnant women are suppose to gain weight! you'll drop the weight fast! i'm so glad you are blogging - i will add you to my blog list!

The Burners said...

Hey you need to post another thing :) Keep me updated since we never see each other!