Sunday, March 11, 2012

ostrich festival-picture overload!

the pictures are in reverse order....why cant i ever get it right!!!! ugh.. anyways it took WAY to long to download the pictures (i couldnt just pick a few there were too many cute ones) and i have children melting down now so here is an overall description of our family adventure:
***we had tons of fun
***dyson is now tall enough to ride alot of rides now so we're even more excited to plan our next disneyland trip
***he did AWESOME even when he had to ride by himself (without us on it)---dyson is afraid of heights so it really is a big deal that he did so well
***lincoln LOVES being outside so he did AMAZING as well
***it was so much fun to see the joy that dyson was experiencing...i'd pay millions of dollars on any event to see that kind of happiness again
****this last picture was on our way to the festival. stupid reverse day ill figure this blogging thing out....

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

a few more pics

i realized today that i took millions of pictures and videos of dyson when he was little and poor lincoln doesnt have im going to be overloading this blog with my sweet cute peanut. but any time i try to do that of course big brother wants in on the action so you'll still see lots of dyson too :)my lincoln boy smiles for me all the time except for when i bust out that little black camera. this is as close as i could get for now!love my sweet boys!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

my boys

oh how i love my boys! its been a long 3 months but we're starting to get used to each other and love life again. and by we..i mean me. cause my boys we fine its just me thats a little crazy lets be honest.
daddy had to go away for work so me and the boys had a litle photo shoot.
let me tell you some things about my little link:

**he has mastered the art of WHINING. its a little ridiculous sometimes

**he doesnt like laying in my arms unless he's really tired cause he loves to be sitting up on my lap

**he REFUSES to give me more than a 5 1/2 hour stretch of sleep. usually its around 3 hours whether he's hungry or not

**he LOVES LOVES LOVES his big brother. when lincoln is crying in the morning i make dyson come over and talk to him and he immediately starts smiling and becomes completely content

**he's growing like a weed!!!
let me tell you some things about my big boy dyson:

**he's been in big boy underwear for days and hasnt had an accident. am i good to say he's potty trained???

**he LOVES LOVES LOVES his little brother and gets so excited when he can make him smile

**he has discovered the magic of starburst jellybeans. he doesnt like candy or ice cream or treats so i'm pretty stoked that i get to buy these more often

**he's ridiculously amazing with electronics and can beat me at any game on his dad's phone
**he talks in his sleep almost every night and when he wakes up he'll tell me about his dreams. i have crazy vivid dreams so apparently he got this random thing from me

trust me.. i havent forgotten to tell you about our AWESOME big news...i just not allowed to tell you yet. what i can tell you is i just broke my toe and i have a screaming child and all i want to do is eat ben and jerry's ice cream. the end.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2 month and 3 year stats

i've decided to keep the tradition of reporting the boys stats on here. apparently this is the only place where i have kept record of it so its fun for me to look back and remember.

Lincoln's 2 month stats:
height: 25 inches---off the charts!
weight 15 lbs---98%
head circumference: 16 1/2 inches---off the charts!

Dyson's 3 year stats:
height:42 inches---off the charts!
weight:37 lbs

i love my big healthy boys!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


i just got a new camera for my birthday and i am OBSESSED with it. and this little boy. so prepare to see lots of pictures from here on out.....

he takes binkies..but we definitely have another thumb sucker in our family!

umm....hello so stinkin' cute!!
passed out

loving bath time as usual

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

we are here! we are here! we are here!

i basically have enough time to just say HI! and WE'RE STILL ALIVE! big changes are happening soon to our family....again. bah so one day when i can officially announce it i will. exciting huh? you just want to come running back to this blog everyday now huh???

lincoln is getting SO big! i love that i have big healthy boys. he'll be 2 months tomorrow and next week we have his 2 month appointment along with dysons 3 year appointment. dont let this picture fool you....he hasnt been a very good sleeper.

he's just so stinkin cute though so i cant be frustrated with the kid!!
and my other boy..IS 3 NOW!! that is R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S. time has flown by...

i just love this big guy to pieces! his fake smiles crack me up.

disney on ice was here the weekend of his birthday so we got to take him on his actual birthday and he LOVED it. we sat row 2 and he actual sat and watched the whole show which is amazing. i did not expect him to do that whatsoever.

we missed lincoln but my sweet mother-in-law watched him for us so we could take just dyson and have some alone time with him. i know he felt so special and loved being the only child again. on our way home though he did ask about his baby lincoln.

hopefully more updates will come sooner than later this time!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

this is a post.

first of all...i love this little guy. he is 3 weeks old today. time is flying by.......

second of all.... i hate our camera. but i love snowmen and my older 2 boys.
this is lincoln enjoying santa at bass pro shop.

this is dyson enjoying santa at bass pro shop.

this is daddy and dyson writing a letter to santa.

this is the gingerbread house that dyson made. literally he did alot of that himself.

this is a proud dyson showing off his awesome skills.

this is lincoln being adorable and LOVING bath time.

and this is the end.