Sunday, March 11, 2012

ostrich festival-picture overload!

the pictures are in reverse order....why cant i ever get it right!!!! ugh.. anyways it took WAY to long to download the pictures (i couldnt just pick a few there were too many cute ones) and i have children melting down now so here is an overall description of our family adventure:
***we had tons of fun
***dyson is now tall enough to ride alot of rides now so we're even more excited to plan our next disneyland trip
***he did AWESOME even when he had to ride by himself (without us on it)---dyson is afraid of heights so it really is a big deal that he did so well
***lincoln LOVES being outside so he did AMAZING as well
***it was so much fun to see the joy that dyson was experiencing...i'd pay millions of dollars on any event to see that kind of happiness again
****this last picture was on our way to the festival. stupid reverse day ill figure this blogging thing out....