Saturday, February 25, 2012

my boys

oh how i love my boys! its been a long 3 months but we're starting to get used to each other and love life again. and by we..i mean me. cause my boys we fine its just me thats a little crazy lets be honest.
daddy had to go away for work so me and the boys had a litle photo shoot.
let me tell you some things about my little link:

**he has mastered the art of WHINING. its a little ridiculous sometimes

**he doesnt like laying in my arms unless he's really tired cause he loves to be sitting up on my lap

**he REFUSES to give me more than a 5 1/2 hour stretch of sleep. usually its around 3 hours whether he's hungry or not

**he LOVES LOVES LOVES his big brother. when lincoln is crying in the morning i make dyson come over and talk to him and he immediately starts smiling and becomes completely content

**he's growing like a weed!!!
let me tell you some things about my big boy dyson:

**he's been in big boy underwear for days and hasnt had an accident. am i good to say he's potty trained???

**he LOVES LOVES LOVES his little brother and gets so excited when he can make him smile

**he has discovered the magic of starburst jellybeans. he doesnt like candy or ice cream or treats so i'm pretty stoked that i get to buy these more often

**he's ridiculously amazing with electronics and can beat me at any game on his dad's phone
**he talks in his sleep almost every night and when he wakes up he'll tell me about his dreams. i have crazy vivid dreams so apparently he got this random thing from me

trust me.. i havent forgotten to tell you about our AWESOME big news...i just not allowed to tell you yet. what i can tell you is i just broke my toe and i have a screaming child and all i want to do is eat ben and jerry's ice cream. the end.