Thursday, November 13, 2008

our baby boy~the 3D version

ok so i know there is lots of pictures but he's just too dang cute! 10 more weeks and then we'll have him home to play w/!!!!!

so apparently he likes to hold his nose or have his hands by his face.. we have lots of pics like this.

just look how cute he is opening his mouth and smiling!!

yup he's got his dad's nose and big lips.

and this one is my absolute favorite cause you can definitely see his chubby cheeks and big smile. isnt he just the cutest little fetus ever!!!!!! :)


Zach and Whitney said...

Isnt technology the greatest!? You get to see what your baby looks like before its even born! I love it. I cant wait to get a 3D so I can determine whether our baby girl is going to need a nose job immediately following birth. Ive got the Vance nose and the Evans nose genes running through my baby like crazy. I mean come on... a girl with my dads nostrils would be frightening. Does this make me sound heartless?

The Burners said...

he is the cutest little fetus ever!! I cant wait to hold him :)

The Carey's Corner said...

So excited to see little Dyson (or whatever his name may be...hehehe)

Camille said...

OH my gosh. It's a real little person in there. WIth a face and a smile. Wow. That's amazing. And cool.

Cory & Kristyn McLaws said...

stuff just go the invite in the mail today!! cant wait BBQ? that is going to be so much fun!!!! good idea lady! :) cant wait to see you.

M☮nica Petersen said...

Stef :D It's Monica.. How are you girl?? I added you to my blog. Yeah, we can be blogger friends too. I can't believe that you are having a baby in like a month. He will be one cute thang!! Let me know what you are up to. xo