Friday, January 2, 2009

i need help!

can anyone tell me how to change the background color from blue to something that actually matches!?!

im still new at this and i dont have a clue on how to do anything... thanks!!!


Michele said...

It looks like you still have the old template up from pyzam. Maybe if you get rid of that then the new background will show up. Just an idea.

Camille Elise said...

Um...When you sign in, go to the Layout tab under your title. Then you'll see another tab called fonts and colors. When you click on that you'll see your blog as a preview below and lots of colors to change it to and scroll down menu of things on the blog you can change. Hope that helps. :)

The Burners said...

I wish I knew. I love your baby belly, though. Can't wait until baby Dyson joins the family :) oh and i just made friends with "the throne". Not lots of fun..but i'm sure you know all about that!