Tuesday, May 5, 2009

its only been 2 weeks?

there has been alot going on in the lee household! dyson is growing up to be a big boy.. i dont know what an infant is like because i have an adorable MAN child! so not only have i been dealing w/ a growing baby, i had to speak in stake conference, and we MOVED! we're excited for our cute little home and ill put up pics once i finish decorating!! :) so here is a bunch of pictures to catch you all up to date.....

he finally found his hands!

he loves blowing bubbles

his first love...a giraffe!

sitting up on his own...kinda....

awww that poor sad face right before he cries

grabbing onto everything now

now he loves a binky...thanks to granny bev-bev!

his first 2 piece pj set...rock on!


Brittany said...

Wow! Stake Conference talk and moving. Whew, girl. I love Dyson's two piece pj set. Adorable.

The Burners said...

You rocked stake conference. I'm glad I got to be there :) So much has happened in those 2 weeks! You are the bomba!

Kris*Mitch*Kal said...

he is a cutie!

Monica said...

I'm loving his pajama set with the skulls all over it!!! Too cute :) :)