Monday, August 24, 2009

lets back up just a tad...

*dyson is no longer on his "special" diet!
* he loves holding his bottle
* wont go anywhere w/out his pooh-bear
* first real vacation to vegas went well
* he looks like a puppy on all fours
* he's pretty much just as big as our changing table
* cant fall asleep w/out sucking his thumb
* been working on a sippie cup for a couple of months now
* first time on a quad w/ his proud daddy
* first time daddy bathing dyson (of course with mommy supervision)
(and yes the post totally looks awkward but ive been trying to fix it for 45 mintures and i cant so i quit!!)


Liz and Navin said...

How cute! I can believe how fast he is growing! I love that he carries his bear around! So cute!

Beary Bee said...

I just love the pictures you put up of Dyson! He is seriously SO cute! I just want to hold him.... Goodness! And thanks for your kind words! Curtis is doing AWESOME and STILL has his hair!!

kevinandtabithamorris said...

How fun! It is so crazy to think that everyone is married and mommies and/or soon to be mommies! He is growing so fast!