Wednesday, October 21, 2009

9 months and a new talent!

9 month stats:

weight: 23 lbs - 90%

height: 29 1/4 inches- 75%

head circumference: 18 inches- 50%

so he's still a big boy with an average head! and as you can see... HE'S WAVING! and possibly saying hi?? ill say yes and be a crazy mom! we're trying to get all unpacked and back on a normal schedule. its taking longer than i thought it would but i've realized i guess that happens when you have a little one! so here's some more pictures of this ever growing baby DYSON...

this is his "i just didnt something naughty and you dont know yet" look

and I LOVE this picture! i caught him in action... he's giving kisses to himself.


smhollobaugh said...

He is so adorable you guys! By the way I love his name! We actually have a Dyson vacumm and when I got it I thought that it would make a cute name. I love his chubbs, my 2 year old just grew out of his :( I love when their chubby. If you guys ever come up you should stop by so the boys can all meet!

Whitney said...

so cute. anyways, Spencer Wrights wife takes pictures. Its only $50 dollars a session and I think shes great. her email is Saijew at gmail dot com. or jenny biggs, shes great too.

Allie said...

That video of Dyson is SO cute! He waves! You must be very proud parents. What a fun little guy!