Monday, November 9, 2009

a shout-out to my hubby-bubby

so let me start out by saying... my husband is amazing. he's not always very good about keeping secrets or trying to surprise me but this time he didnt do TOO bad. :)

it was my last evening at work and his sister picked up dyson so we could have some 'mommy and daddy time'. he had the lights off and our song playing and this is what i saw.....
(this is what it looked like with the lights on)
yup thats my sweet pea! he had dinner made and dessert in the freezer. we got to just sit and talk and hang out and not worry about a little one. thanks loves!!!
and he bought me cupcakes from SPRINKLES!
dont they look delicious! i love my hubby-bubby! he is the bestest!! :)


Tracy said...

CUTE!!!! Good job Justin!

Monica said...

~~*AWW!!! Now, that is quite adorable. I think it's precious when husbands do that for their wifes *ahem* How did you like the Sprinkles Cupcakes?? They are a crapload of $$$ for a Cupcake. I would rather make my own cupcakes. But, it's the thought that counts and your HUBBY did GREAT!!!!*~~