Wednesday, January 20, 2010

1 year ago today

you would think i'd be talking about how happy i am that my little baby is 1, but his birthday is actually tomorrow.

no, today i am remembering what happened exactly one year ago.

do you remember this sexy picture?

sadly i remember it too well. because this happened i was put on bedrest and induced jan 20th (my mommy's bday-happy 29th bday mom!!). wait...dysons birthday is the 21st? yes yes...i was in labor for 20 hours after my water was broken and pushed for 45 min. therefore bringing him into the next business day.

i know women say you forget how horrifying everything was so thats why you keep having kids but guess what... i havent quite forgotten it all.

one year ago from about right now i was:
*still the size of a small whale
*only dilated to like a 3
*ridiculously hungry and thirsty
*curling over my huge belly so i could get my epidural
*probably cursing at/to everyone
------and those were just the fun parts!

good thing i love this precious boy! one year as FLOWN by and i cant believe my little baby is practically 1!!


Beary Bee said...

Ba ha ha! I love you. I too remember the horrors of being prego enough to NOT want another nino anytime soon. Dyson is super cute

Geevz said...

Dude. That foot pic is awesome. What caused it? Besides, you know, Dyson. (whose name I give a two thumbs up. even though I know my opinion is meaningless. thought I'd tell you all the same though)

afton said...

i still can't believe that's your foot. wow.

Jacque said...

doesnt it go by so fast?! ahhh it makes me sad to look at my little guys and see how big they have gotten.

Jacob and Sheena Lee said...

Oh my Stef! I forgot how bad you retained water...your poor foot!!!! Hey now its all skiny and you can see them at that!! LOL YEAH for babies!!!! So his B day is on the 22 or the 21st Im confused let me know! See ya Sat oh and please tell me if I need to bring you something! Its the least I can do. You helped out so much for Aubrees day!

Connie said...

well hello.. I don't know you but I ended up on your blog and thought this post was hilarious! "Next business day... sexy picture".. lol girl, you are too much! :p

Camille Elise said...

Ah Stefanie! I do remember you posting that pic of your foot. Wow. That's exciting that he is one now though. Gosh time flies! :)