Tuesday, March 16, 2010

dyson and yoga both share a 'y'

i've noticed that the more dyson walks, the more fun things he is learning to do with his body. and yes i said walking. because he CAN walk. he walks away from me. does he like to walk? no....i have to force him by giving him little chocolate candies but it is OH so worth it.

i'm trying to teach him to do this position-the downward facing dog- when i say 'do yoga'. sometimes he throws down...but most the time i look like a fool. SEE HE CAN DO IT!!

its funny because he loves to crawl and look at the ground. its not so funny though when he runs into things and cries. which happens alot.


Valerie Silvers said...

bribing him chocolate to walk is not a bad idea. I am going to be keeping that in mind when Caylon and I have kids. I love the pictures of him doing yoga.

Our Paper Plates said...

Will you bribe me with chocolate if I walk to your house? Just joking. What a cutie! When he is all better we need to hang out. SERIOUSLY!