Sunday, July 11, 2010

some of my fave pics you've missed

i finally have been able to get my hands on a computer (thanks rach and t!) and here we go...picture overload time.

this pic goes back to april. this little boy is growing up so fast and i don't know yet if i love that or not. he looks sweet and innocent but dont let him fool you. he can throw a tantrum like no other.

we're getting him ready to go to disneyland (3 more months baby!!!) and he loves his buzz and woody

this was during all of our crazy move. poor guy was wiped out...rough life.

1st time eating sloppy joes...and i think it was a success.

its like candy in a bun basically.

those awesome curls were getting out of control AGAIN so it was time for a pro to step in. we went to the cutest place called snip-its. he didn't quite enjoy it at first...

....but a dum-dum did the trick. that may have been like the second sucker he'd had in his entire life so it kept him entertained.

i think she cut it too short but dont worry they're already growing back. pretty sure this kid has my hair.

unpacking at the new place and he found his binkie. he only used it for maybe like 2 weeks and then fell in love with his thumb so its funny that now he wants it occasionally.
i love this cute little face!

we're trying to perfect using silverware... i think he's doing pretty darn good!
1st movie he saw in a theater...shrek 4. slept for all but like the last 10 minutes. he enjoyed dominating the theater before it started though.
lee family campout. 2 out of 3 looking up ain't bad right?

he LOVES his uncle austin. oh my GOODNESS all dyson wanted was to be loved by him all weekend. it was the cutest thing ever.

poor little d has a hard time going 'twosies' so he gets a reward for going in the potty. we're not potty training by any means, but its easier for the both of us to go in there.

trying to get that 'CHEESE' just right
and this is what happens when he knows where the secret sucker spot is (on top of the fridge)

and i just love this pic! dyson will take my mom over me anyday. it was a long day apparently for the both of them and they crashed on the way home. granny better come in our car to disneyland....
thats pretty much it! we're very boring people but i thought i'd share this growing boy with the world. he's alomost 18 months...... nursery here we come! and hallelujah for that! just trying to get through the summer and then our big adventures will come. bring it on....we're ready.


Jacob and Sheena Lee said...

Stefanie! He is getting so big! No more baby :( He and brayden look so much a like! Cant wait to see you guys! xoxoxoxoxo you way!!!

Valerie Silvers said...

He is such a cutie! loved the pictures

Tracy said...

He is adorable! I have missed seeing both of you last week!!