Tuesday, February 1, 2011

still alive...but sick.

we've been sick at our house. i mean like sick sick. like....everyone has been really sick. and we're not getting over it quick enough. and its driving me crazy. THANKFULLY we are getting sleep now but the last week has been close to hell on earth. little intense?? yea i know.
but the perks of being sick sometimes can be pretty cool. like losing weight and catching up on your movie watching. which we are totally behind on. see....having a kid and going to the movies doesnt work out as well. let me rephrase that....having a 2 year old boy and trying to go see a non-cartoon movie doesnt work out.

but remember when i said we've been really sick at our house? that means dyson has been a little more cuddly and a little more tired AND thanks to our awesome free redbox codes we were able to watch 4..count them 4.. newer movies within a 24 hour period. again...sick days can totally have perks.
#1- Easy A -i liked this movie but then again i like Emma Stone. i really think me and her could be friends. we're both really good at acting awkward. I dont know if i'd recommend it necessarily but still...enjoyable.
#2- Dinner for Schmucks- uhhh....there were some funny parts. and if you're a huge fan of steve carell or paul rudd totally watch it. i think you'd like it. im a fan of both and i thought it was better than ok.
#3- The Social Network- wonderful. fantastic. see it immediately. i think i like mark zuckerberg a little better after this movie. not that i didnt like him before. but im pretty sure he might be a genius.
#4- Inception- LOVED LOVED it. see this one immediately too. i had a dream about the concept of inception. it was awesome. you need to rent it....right now.


Valerie Silvers said...

I have been sick too! It is definitely going around. I loved Easy A. Very funny movie. Have you seen Ghost of Girlfriends past? Emma Stone is in it and she is soo funny. I liked Inception and the other two movies I haven't seen.

afton said...

every time i watch easy a i say "wow. i just love EVERYTHING about this movie!" it's just so funny!!! (i definitely do not recommend it out to most people though. haha)