Tuesday, March 1, 2011

why didnt anyone tell me???

he's just too darn cute to be mad at.
and every pound was worth it.
but HELLO....
(im the whale in the black stripes)
why didn't anyone tell me i was HUGE!!!
and i was only like 7 months preggo there.
no wonder why everyone thought i was having twins. glancing through pictures can be fun...but really? now do you know why i never posted face pics when i was pregnant?
so please....next time i am pregnant remind me:
don't gain 47lbs
lay off the ice cream
work out
and no....sadly i am not pregnant right now. just thought i'd let you walk with me down memory lane


Jacob and Sheena Lee said...

Stef you are amazingly beautiful when you are pregnant!!! I am being seriouse. YOu look fabulous now and you looked "glowing" fabulous then:) I think all pregnant women are beautiful!!!! I want that pic of me preggers too. Can you send it to my FB and tag it or something. I have like no belly pics of me being prego w Bray!

Luke and Megan said...

I personally like the yellow pants...they are hot! Can I borrow them when I am preggo??? :-)

Geevz said...

The best part of having a newborn is not being pregnant.


But next time around I think it might be easier because we know it's worth it. Maybe.

I love the pumpkin picture :)