Wednesday, February 18, 2009

confessions of a mormon mom

i feel like i need to confess some things while my husband and baby boy are taking a nap. (dont worry.. im upset too that he's asleep right now and im not!)
dont think less of me... im only human!!!!

*i truly am in love w/ ice cream. no but really.. i want it every second of every day and i feel like its to the point that im not ok anymore. i refuse to eat anywhere that doesnt give me the option of getting a milkshake or some sort of dairy drink.

*sometimes i buy books just because i want to have full bookshelves, not because i want to read them.

*i'm obssessed w/ pregnant bellies now. they're much cuter on other girls!

*i love my husband and i know this is bad, but i get really jealous when he is asleep and im wide awake so ill get the baby to wake up faster or ill turn up the tv louder so he wont be able to sleep.

*even though it can increase the risk of SIDS, i'll let my baby sleep on his stomach BUT JUST DURING NAPS! (its the only way he'll sleep w/out me holding him!!) and dont worry cause i check on him every 5 seconds.

*i blogstaulk daily. and if i dont.. i feel left out in the world.

*i love hearing gossip. (evil i know!)

*sometimes, stake conference in my vocabulary means i can miss that sunday.

*i do believe that money can buy you happiness.

*ill go 4 or 5 days w/out washing my hair and i wont feel bad whatsoever.

* i still watch every episode of saved by the bell, full house, home improvement and fresh prince of bellair. (if you want to know what times they're on..let me know!)

*im obsessed w/ the reality shows the biggest loser, ace of cakes, jon and kate plus 8, little people big world, rock of love and other mtv reality shows.

*my son is crying right now and im still typing.

*when i lived at home, m goal was to make my sister cry everyday. (meg you know i love ya!) i'd make it up to her though and write her 'im sorry' poems right after.

*i crave starbucks almost on a daily basis but wont get it because i know if i go, ill get a coffee based drink.

*i had a goal to kiss 100 different guys in one summer and i got closer to it than i should have.

*i have a pair of jeans that i call my "goal pants" and i have them visible in my closet so it'll make me want to get my butt running again.

*i havent changed my drivers license to my married name yet because i know i have to re-take my picture and i think my face is too fat.

sadly thats all the time i have today. if i think of more ill let you know. :)


The Tutton Family said...

its ok. i blog stalk too!

and here is a tip:
studies have show that having a fan going in your babies room while it is sleeping helps to reduce the chance of SIDS by 70% thats a lot.

plus, my babies now just roll over and sleep on their bellies anyways.

Jami said...

oh stefanie...I loved that.
If only you knew that most people have the same things to confess...they just don't.
I think babies sleep better on their tummies...and as soon as Grace could roll over...she rolled over on her tummy.
I love coffee too...I would drink it everyday if I wasn't a mormon...well and I couldn't hold a temple recommend. But seriously...I would LOVE to drink it.
When Spencer would get a full nights sleep I would be pissed. AND now if Grace wakes up at night, and I go and get her, I always pushe her over to Spencers side.
You are so funny!

Michele said...

haha! You are so funny! I do most of that stuff too (even blog stalking, I feel like I'm still in contact with them, haha). Don't worry about the stomach sleeping thing. When we were babies, that is how our parents were told to have us sleep. So as long as his breathing isn't restricted, he should be fine.

Monica said...

WOW! I learned a ton more interesting things about you Stef :D :D Coffee used to be my guilty pleasure~ I love the smell of it and the taste of it. In place of I have been drinking Red Bulls.. I know.. it's bad.. but it's soo good!! lol
Let's get together sometime for lunch or something!! :) :)

The Burners said...

Now I have lots of black mail you with :) Just joking! It was fun reading your confessions! :)

Camille said...

I enjoy a good juicy confession every now and then. And most of your confessions would qualify as my own, too.

Camille Elise said...

You said: *i do believe that money can buy you happiness.

...I just wanted to say I always tell know, maybe money can't buy happiness...but it sure helps!!!

...I think the same about Stake Conference too...noone knows you won't be there except you...and there is usually no meetings on those days! :)

Whitney said...

Some of your confessions are my confessions too. It was fun to see your quilty pleasures. Maybe I will have to do a post like this.

Valerie Silvers said...

I know this is an old post but this is my first time reading it and wanted to comment....

I love to blog stalk as well and I love hearing gossip!

I am happy to hear that you still watch full house because I do to.

I love to watch rock of love. I laugh at the girls who make complete fools of themselves.

I love my sister renee but sometimes I love to be mean to her and say things I know really hurts her even though she won't show it hurts. And I don't even make it up to her.