Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the story

ok ok so although i have been just pretty much sitting around in my garments for the past 3 weeks.. i really have been busy!! taking care of a newborn is much harder than i ever thought. he really is a good baby even though i have already spoiled him to the fact that he can only sleep when being held. he freaks out when he finally realizes he's been put down. (see picture #1) so peeing and showering only happens when dad is back from work. but FINALLY i am ready to share my labor story with you all. even if no one reads this.. its fun for me to tell it over and over again!!

so we got to the hospital at 7:30am on tues the 20th thinking we were going to start a round of gel things (to open my very slightly dialated cervix)hoping that 12 hours later we could break my water and start me on pitocin. when i finally got in my room at about 8:45am the nurse told me the doc had changed his mind and we were going to start everything right away. LITERALLY at 8:50am my water was broken and my arm had a very uncomfortable IV sticking out of it. sitting in bed filling like you're just peeing everywhere, isnt exactly what i call a good time!
~side note~the nurses were thinking at this point our sweet baby would be born probably around 5pm that plenty of time to watch the biggest loser!!
~another side note~ok so you know the biggest loser episode where blaine goes home to see his baby being born..his wife's labor and delivery nurse was my day shift labor and delivery nurse..neat huh!?!

anyways... i had decided that i was for sure going to get an epideral but i was going to try to wait as long as i could before i did. about 2 hours after my pitocin was started the contractions kicked in! oh goodness gracious they kicked in nice and strong! i waited and waited until i could no longer take it but after shaking uncontrollably because of the pain i decided it was time i had that magic drug!! so the timeline brings us to about 2pm and we called in my most favorite buddy in the whole hospital.. the epidural woman! so after trying to get that large needle in my spine and poking me a COUPLE OF TIMES the pain slowly subsided and i could enjoy eating my ice chips. and at the time i got the epidural i was about 4 centimeters dialated.
~side note~the nurses were now thinking i would probably have the baby around 11pm that night.

long story short.. i was dialating a centimeter about every 2 hours or so.. even after i hit 7 centimeters. it wouldnt have been so bad but i broke out into a fever later that night and i was burning through my epidural like no other and through any fever reducing medications they were giving me. my fever was just getting higher and higher and nothing could stop it. the baby's vitals were starting to go crazy and i still was only dialated to a 9 and he hadnt fully dropped yet. my doctor decided we had to get this baby out or a c-section would have to be in order. my doctor MADE me a 10 by breaking some thick skin not wanting to go on its own. now it was time to push.... even though my body and baby were not ready to!

i closed my eyes, didnt say a word or make a peep to anyone and pushed my little heart out. by this time i was starving and thirsty and starting to feel some pain. all i could think about was get this baby out and get me some food! (once your water breaks you're not allowed to have food or water and at the time i had to start pushing i was almost 20 hours into labor). so like i said earlier, the baby was not ready to come out. the doctor had to use a vacuum and suck him out (his poor little head looked wretched!) they're only allowed to use it for 20 min and by the time the baby was out, he had been using it for 15 min. ( i was trying to push him out for 45 minutes tho!!!) because his vitals were going crazy before he was born, i only got to see him long enough to pee on the doctor right after he came out and they had to take him away. he had over a 103 fever and 5 nurses taking care of him and my legs were still in stir-ups and my tummy getting pushed around to then deliver the placenta and get my vagina stitched up. (i had to get cut side ways toward my leg because my baby decided he needed to come out w/ his hand by his face and wave to the world.)

so after 20 hours of labor and 45 min of pushing a beautiful 8 pounds 10 ounces baby boy came into this world. its truly the most amazing experience even tho during the whole thing i didnt always think so. every second was worth it to be holding this little precious boy from above. i didnt tell all the horrible parts so i wouldnt scare any upcoming moms but if you want more details let me know!!! :)

the pics are just for fun and to show how big he is already getting! who would have thought that my kid would be so blonde!! he has already rolled over once even tho im pretty sure it was a fluke. ill keep you all to date on our exciting adventures now that i've healed and gotten more energy.. but as for getting more sleep... thats a different story!!


Michele said...

Oh my! I felt the same way when it was time to push. I just wanted the baby out so I could hold him and eat and drink. Isn't so amazing how Heavenly Father created our bodies so that we could give birth. It is truly a miracle and you learn about things that you never knew before. Congratulations!

The Tutton Family said...

The biggest trick to sleep is sleeping when the baby does. Yes the house will get messy and the dishes wont get done, but its the only way you can survive.

Monica said...

What the.. 20 hours of labor?? YOU have GOT to be KIDDING ME!!!? But, in the end.. it was def. worth it...that I am sure of! Stef~ HE is ADORABLE!! What a blondie! ha And such a big boy! I bet that you are LOVING, just LOVING being a Momma! Keep in touch. And I can't wait to see more pictures! Love ya <3

Liz and Navin said...

WOW!! I just found out I really know nothing about giving birth. No food or water after your water breaks!! That seems crazy!! And you went 20 hours! Yikes you are a trooper!! I can't believe he is so blonde! He is adorable!! I will for sure be coming to you for advice when I have a baby!! Love you!!

Whitney said...

Well I already have my delivery planned out. We arent going to be in labor for 20 hours and my baby is not going to be waving to the world when she comes out. I will be getting the epideral! ha ha... yeah I bet I have a horrible delivery story.

The Burners said...

Oh I just love little Dyson. Good job, Steffers!