Saturday, September 5, 2009

dyson and the D-BACKS

first..let me say thanks teresa for the amazing tickets!!!

so this was dyson's first DBACKS game! we had lots of fun and his little friend Mack and his family got to join us! (why we dont have pictures of us all or even them together i dont know!)

yes this is zoomed in a bit.....

...but this one is not! we were row 26 from the field b/w home and 3rd base!

watching a baseball game w/ a baby sitting that close is quite the adventure! i think everytime i heard the bat hit the ball, i was paranoid the ball was going to come flying at our babies heads! good times though...thanks again teresa!!!!!!


Lindsey Layton said...

I haven't been to a game for SO LONG! That looks like it was a blast!

Tracy said...

YAYYY I've been waiting for this post forever! It was so much fun! Sorry our baby was super cranky.. which in turn made me cranky. Crazy babies! Lets go again!

Whitney said...

so fun! I think a play date is in order with all us baby havers.