Sunday, November 22, 2009

a lazy sunday.

little baby dyson is sleeping. justin is at work. (yes sadly because i am no longer working he has to work any and every shift they can give him). and i am watching re-runs of 'the office'. yes today is a lazy sunday.
do i love lazy sundays? yes i sure do. you would think that now should be the time that i read a book or start a craft or be somewhat productive. but no. i am going to be lazy today. and kind of BORED. yes i said the -B- word. im a new mom that stays at home with a VERY active baby, im still kind of unpacking occasionally (i have boxes hidden in closets), im trying to train for an upcoming race, there is an entire apartment complex to watch over, i have a house to decorate, there is my whole house to clean and some baskets of laundry to do...and IM BORED?? weird i know.
but guess what? im not going to do any of it. i am just going to sit here and watch my sweet jim and pam. i might even watch a movie. and maybe if im feeling a little rebellious i will unlaod the dishwasher, but i highly doubt that. or i may even play me some lego indiana jones on the PS3.....

i hope you all enjoy your sunday just as much as we will!!!!

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Tracy said...

I LOVE lazy Sundays!!!

I feel like there are so many things that always need to be done, so live up being lazy while you can:)