Tuesday, November 24, 2009

our museum adventures

we've been taking advantage of the free passes to the museums around the area so here are a few pictures of dysons first times going... (ok really its alot of pics)

this is at the arizona museum for youth... we went w/ my sister meggie and her hubby luke and little one jacob....why dont we have a big group picture together???

he's wasnt supposed to be alone in the pic but i love it anyways.. he is such a good sport thanks loves!!!

first time on a slide....didnt go as well....

....but the littler slide went much better!!!
this was at the phoenix children's museum... there was lots of stuff for him to touch and play with...although it will be alot more fun for him when he's a little older and walking.

we've recently found out that he LOVES to go under things..like when i hang-dry my clothes on the door frames he loves walking through them. this was walking in the noodle forest and he loved that crazy place

my handsome boys worn out after a long adventurous morning!!

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Whitney said...

We seriously need to get a play group together!! why havent we already?