Monday, December 28, 2009

random thought

ill start out by saying IM NOT PREGNANT nor are we even close to trying for another. maybe when dyson is 2 i'll START THINKING about trying again but it surely isnt in the near future for us. but i know a few that are pregnant right now so baby names start entering into my head. and then i realized that some names i've always wanted will never work with our last name.

for example: haylee. i love the name haylee and spelled just like that. but naming my girl haylee lee would be mean. or paisley or kensley or even my own name sounds funny- stefanie lee.

not that its really a big deal because there are a ba-jillion names out there, but any other ladies having this problem with their new last names?? just a random thought for you today.


Jacque said...

we had such a hard time picking out names with our babies, but i think its a girl thing. kevin didn't care but i was like NO! it doesnt sound good with our last name and he agreed. ph, and i think about baby names all the time too.

Geevz said...

Anderson is so dull that our kid has to have a really unique name to balance it out. No jessicas or michaels :)Or Dysons :)

Jacob and Sheena Lee said...

LOL Stef! I think of names all the time! I like to know or have an idea of names "all the time." I have a hard time to with our Last name! Oh wait we have the same last name!!! lol! Its a hard name! But just a heads up if we have another girl Jay said we can take the name Hayden or we might name her Kendal. Those are my two girl names I love!!!! But yeah its hard finding names! I have always liked Cassidy and it just sounds weired with Lee....But Aubree is different too.

Our Paper Plates said...

You better not steal kynzlee !! you can have penelope though... ha ha ha !