Tuesday, January 5, 2010

~day 2

i think today is going to be a GREAT day! i got my run in first thing this morning and i got to shower! woo-hoo! justin doesnt have to work today so lots will get done around the house and the complex.
but i think its going to be a lazy day for dyson

i love this boy to death..but he can be so NAUGHTY sometimes. he has learned to push/pull all of his toys to the perfect places so he can climb on them and get into things.

he can do everything...but walk. i dont know if he is ever going to because he is perfectly happy getting around the house like this.

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Mim said...

So you are getting a climber huh? I hope he isn't as bad as Kaitlyn was/is!!! The video is adorable though. Love ya hope to see you soon, Give my Nephew hugs from his Auntie Mim