Monday, January 4, 2010

stuck at home:day 1

poor little dyson has croup so we are stuck at home for 1 week and im not having visitors over for atleast 2 weeks. sounds easy enough right? but i think when you have to stay at home is when you want/need to get out the most. but that is ok cause dyson's health is way more important than using all my FANTASTIC xmas gift cards.

but i have decided to blog everyday that we are stuck at home. one reason is so that we can remember these times. i totally have forgotten TONS of things that happened when dyson was super little and when i look back at pictures it makes me smile and happy.
another reason is because i think it will entertain me.

dyson is on a diet of popcicles, pudding, JELL-O, yogurt-anything cold and easy to go down. he tried pudding for the first time this morning and this is the result. sloppy and delicious!

we watch the first half of shrek like 3 times a day and he loves dancing to it. this time he added a new move...hand in the air. i love him.

i hope he made you smile as big as i did. see you tomorrow! :)

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The Littles said...

Aww how sad poor lil dyson! I hope he gets better soon. I hate when they get sick! He is so cute dancing!