Monday, January 25, 2010

dyson's 1st bday party

i wanted to put a couple of little pics of dyson up before i showed his big boy pictures! this was the first REAL time i got to hold him. we both had super high fevers when he was born so he had to stay in the NICU for a couple of days (hence the iv thingy). so sad! :( but just look at that little round face and that tiny little nose!! i forget he was that small....

so over the year, dyson has gained about 18 pounds, grown 10 inches and grown 11 teeth! and he's getting lots of little curls! i think its time for a hair cut though......ugh

the hubster was in charge of taking there is not many. (darn boy) i'll have to get pics from all the other cameras and maybe post more?? (lets be honest..we all know i wont.)

here he is having his 1st big taste of sweets. i knew he would dig right into that cake. my little chunkster!

he got cake EVERYWHERE so we had to change to play with the cousins.
i think brayden is his favorite cousin. they're only 5 weeks apart and they had so much fun together! they would just stare at each other and laugh. their little spirits were joking around with each other.

i just had to put this up. they were trying to send a video blowing kisses to their grandma. these boys can be so sweet SOMETIMES.

thanks everyone for making dysons birthday so special! we missed some family because of the storms but we hope they enjoy the pics!! :)


Brandon and Heather Grissom said...

So fun!! I miss you guys!! I'm coming to town this weekend!! maybe Saturday we can get to gether? I was wanting to do a session like 5pm ish maybe interested?

The Littles said...

I cant believe he is 1! I remember seeing him when he was 6 months. Time flies!!! Happy bday Dyson!!