Thursday, January 28, 2010

4:30am thoughts

yes my day today is starting at 3:55am. mr. dyson has a habit of waking up in the middle of the night and wanting to play. i dont think it helps that justin sometimes has to get up at 4:30 to get ready. but anywho-at 4:30 this morning i had so many random thoughts i have to spew them out!
well right now i am literally thinking -why the HECK do we have our computer right next to the window? im so paranoid im going to make eye contact w/ someone every time i look up. nice.
but PLEASE PLEASE bear w/ me my sweet readers! its going to be a long one..but i think a total classic.
i have a habit of looking into the past. not necessarily wanting to LIVE in the past, i just like to look back,remember and laugh. i personally believe that looking into the past can create a healthy future sometimes. so here goes: i'm warning you though. these thoughts may create FANTASTIC memories for you, and then it may create some awkward ones too. i apologize.

FIRST: let me clarify something-i love my husband. i love my little one. i love my life. anything i say does not change that. nor do i want to change anything that has or is happening.

1. Boxing Nights
--i dont know about your school, but the kids at my school had boxing nights. and yes they were AMAZING. did i ever participate? no, but sometimes i sure wish i would have. there were some awesome people who did. im thinking of one particular night that created so many memories. the first MAJOR boxing night. now readers help me out...was it after dewfest at the clarks? i think dewfest had some matches and we wanted to continue so we crammed like half the high school into this semi-basement and people just went at it. hot sweaty bodies close together and teenage hormones were flying! i dont think really anything in particular happened that night to me, but this night makes me giggle everytime.

--- where was taylor swift when i was in high school? boy i could have used her. 'pictures to burn'? come on people--that is every girls anthem at some point! and the movie 'he's just not that into you'--if you've seen it you know what i'm talking about. those might have been some nice tips growing up. not saying i was a staulker but obsessing over every stinkin' thing just to know deep down he's not calling-because he doesnt like you! when boys want something...they go after it!

3. Secret Hot High School Crush
--oh my goodness i could go on for pages about this one. everyone had one. don't you deny it. that secret person you were DEEPLY in love w/ but you knew you couldnt just go up and talk to them. i had so many little crushes in high school and so random. afton-- who was that guy we loved that was so dirty and had long icky hair?-dirty hot boy? YES! he'd walk by and we would just whisper to each other about how amazing he was but SO ICKY! we told know one. because they would judge us. what were we thinking? my real SHHSC...oh my goodness gracious. he was like ryan reynolds-so delicious in every way and he didnt have a clue that i was alive. very hot- but possibly a DB? i think the world would stop every time he walked by. not that he ever really walked by me. maybe my group of people standing in the patch of grass by me, but none-the-less it was AROUND me. oh sweet sweet boy you'll never know how crazy i was about you. i stared at your picture in the year book, showed people how HOTT you were. yumm. i would totally tell you his name but so many of you know him. he's married. i've come to the conclusion it just wont work out.**sidenote-i did hang out w/ him a few years after high school and he is the funniest coolest guy ever. if only i would have talked to him in high school!!!

4. My Sweet Sweet F-150
---well it wasnt really MINE persay, but both parents were deathly ill at the time so i was the only one driving it. boy was i such a stupid driver. but that truck has SO SO SO SO SO many memories in it. i dont think there is any other vehicle on this planet that has had as much ACTION participated in it. not only were there my make-out sessions (which there were alot. at one point i had a goal to make out w/ 100 different guys in one summer--(please dont judge-i was a lip whore back in the day-i've changed i swear!) but TONS of other people had their own personal sessions and moments in there. poor poor truck. the first time i drove it w/ friends i tried to jump it on Harris St. and i think we made a kid break his arm that same night. dont ask. how that truck lasted during high school we'll never know.

5. Dance Parties
----this wasnt necessarily in high school. it was more when we were in college. we'd go to these SO SO random houses and just dance. like there was one in tempe-jayme how'd we hear about it? anyways, we knew like no one and our little group was the only ones on the dance floor at the beginning. i still say we started the party. i was so brave then. i showed off my dance moves-which they were so out-dated but i rocked them. and we were confident. and it showed. and they loved us cause we sweated and laughed and didnt care.

6. My 4 Girls
---where should i start! i think about our moments all the frickin' time! we had so many! trips to cali, watching the OC, watching the Brendon Leonard show-videotaping our version of 'jackass' mormon style--where are those tapes!!! slumber parties, bowling night, meeting people at bowling night, drinking cauva and then chasing it w/ gummy worms w/ people from MYSPACE listening to bob marley and driving home at 1am on a school night. yes it happened and all so sadly true. having the cops called on our BEST house party ever, SYTYCD night at aftons, wendy's at 11pm every night of summer, random games we played, meeting skim-boarders, country night at graham's, oh my gosh and the list goes on!! i love you girls!!

so its now 6:30 and im going to try to hit the sack if my laughter stops. hopefully this brings back SOME AWESOME memories in your life as well. share them w/ me please. there's nothing like friends talking about their great moments together and basking in the fun. hope you all have a fantastic day!! :)


The Littles said...

Hahahaha... I definately participated in the boxing nights!!

Brad and Jamie Porter said...

Ha Ha Steph this brought back so many memories from high school for me thanks:) So was Brad your crush, I totally wont tell him ha ha totally kidding he was a huge nerd in high school. Well I miss you guys a ton and we NEEEEDDDD to hang outsome time, I have NEVER met Dyson and thats sad:( Love you

Michele said...

Oh, the old days! We had so much fun! Some days I sit and reminisce about those days and wish I lived in Mesa so I could reminisce with my friends. Thanks for taking us back!

P.S. That particular boxing night, there was some other "action" going on. haha!

Liz and Navin said...

I totally found a photo album the other day of us and our adventures!! Oh wow do I look hideous! But it was so funny to look back and just laugh! I will have to show it to you one of these days! LOVE YOU!!!

Monica said...

~~~*This post was GREAT STEF!!! I have GREAT memories of high school with my girls and guy friends =) I had LOTS of HS crushes. Looking back now, I'm not sure WHY.. my tastes have changed that's for sure. Pretty much hung out with the guys that I crushed on AFTER HS. =) GOOD TIMES!!! I remember "BOXING NIGHT" like it was yesterday. It was at Logan Wilbanks house in his basement. The house was PACKED and I'm pretty sure the cops came. Honor Choir Senior Year was LOTS of FUN!!! =)*~~~

afton said...

bahahahahaha!!! the dirty hot boys!! oh wow. sadly i'd probably still think they were hot even today. how come we never see each other?? lets do lunch or something. even if it's just me coming over to see you and cute dyson!

Devin & Ruthann said...

Haha! So did you make your summer goal?

Geevz said...

Oh high school. There were definitely some good times.

Brandon and Heather Grissom said...

loved this post! and i totally remember that night we went off the harris st. jump!! that was such a fun night!! can we please hang out!!?!