Saturday, January 30, 2010


my sweet little boy is:

.....such a stinkin' ham!

...a fan of licking/laying on the tile musical genius!!

.....getting taller by the second!

.....covered in chicken pox, has a double ear infection and his canines are trying to come in. :( who knew that the vaccine could make him break out this bad. and thats just one side of his body.

so here we are again stuck at home for a couple of weeks. ugh.


Whitney said...

The vaccine did that? Arent they supposed to prevent it? IM now questioning if I want to do it.

Mim said...

My poor lil Dyson! Auntie sends lots n lots of kisses and hugs. Feel better soon so you can play w/us again! WE MISS YOU GUYS!!!

The Littles said...

OMG! What vaccine was that?? That is awful!

Justin and Stefanie said...

it was the chicken pox vaccine. they said they usually get one or two pox and it'll take a couple of weeks for them to come up, but it took him only 4 hours to break out like that!

Connie said...

Don't you love the perks of being a mom! It's sooo glamorous I tell ya...

(no, we're normal... men are the freaks) ha! just kidding... but I'm glad you and I are alike with the picture frame thing! :p