Saturday, February 6, 2010

potty training

well we're not really potty training just yet. wouldn't that be cool though! no diapers, no wondering if i can change him day. anyways..this poor kid has such a hard time going 'number 2' and he'll only push while sitting so we got him a potty. and he loves it. he high-fives ELMO and ELMO congrats him and life is grand.

and yes i spoiled him. i let him watch SHREK while he was practicing. he did get out a little nugget this time..woo-hoo!

he's becoming quite the talkative boy these days. like for instance, while we were trying to take pictures of him on the potty, he kept saying 'don't' which is now one of his favorite words. he started saying it after a day of me telling him to 'don't touch anything'. you know those days? when your child needs to touch EVERYTHING? im not a fan of those days.
but he also can be very cute when talking. like he LOVES cell phones and he'll grab one and put it up to his ear and say 'hi dad' over and over and over and over again.

it just amazes me how much these little ones pick up. he tries copying things we do and words we say and it cracks me up. i think we're going to keep him.


Whitney said...

why hi dad!? Presley says the same thing. Why not hi mom, your the best!?

Jacque said...

i am dying to potty train our kids! everyone tells me its too soon but i really want to try... maybe we will get them some pottys and see how it goes.

Jacob and Sheena Lee said...

Thats awesome that he is sitting on the potty! Brayden sat on the big potty last week and poohed! I saw him trying to push so I ran him to the potty! He watches Gunner all the time! I hope he is potty trained by two! I have a year to go! Then we can practice making another baby! ;)

damonandkami said...

He's growing up fast! MY GOSH!