Saturday, April 3, 2010

yes...this one has lots of photos

me being lazy at blogging=you getting a picture overload. sorry.

justin working for the phoenician has lots of perks...this being one of them-receiving someone's un-used awesome season tickets to the suns. row 20 from the court.

who even knew the arena has padded seats? our bums were satisfied.

an ex-suns player enjoying the game right by us.

dierks bentley enjoying the game. HECK yes.

dyson enjoying the game thanks to M&M's, one entire can of toddler cheeto puffs, 4 sippy's and girls all around us flirting w/ him.

thank you staudimiere for your wonderful free-throws.

thank you nash for showing me your best side.

dyson being oh-so-very sweet at our family date night.

he does such silly things.... putting things behind his head (which is AWESOME to clean up after meals)

and now he is nice and comfy.
my newest niece kenadee lovin' her cousins ride.
this little girl is the cutest tiniest driver in the whole wide world.

totally rockin' moms sunglasses...and he actually put them on the right way!



Mim said...


Tracy said...

love the pictures. Cody looked over at the computer screen and cursed your names for getting to go to the games. He is jealous

Jacob and Sheena Lee said...

Stef I love the pics! Had a great time today at Misty! Who is the new little niece belong too?

Geevz said...

jealous on that suns game! Your kid is way cute :)

Our Paper Plates said...

i love how dyson putes his hands behind his head to relax! and that chunky little baby in the car..what a cutie. she must have a cute mom or something... :) woot woot!