Thursday, April 29, 2010

i need a vacation!

those of you who really know me, know that I LOVE going out of town. and by out of town.. i mean like out of state. and by out of state... i mean california. i LOVE LOVE LOVE CALIFORNIA! i bet its because thats my home-town (well i was born in san fran...) i dont think i could ever live there again but i LOVE visiting. it has the greatest things. DISNEYLAND (which if i could live inside there i totally would) six flags, beaches, yummy catch my drift. and the best part is that you can actually RELAX there and not worry about the stresses of home life. when i was young and single or shoot even in high school days, i'd go there like 3-4 times a year ATLEAST. so the fact that i haven't been there since my honeymoon ( 2 and a half years ago) is truly killing me a little bit everyday inside....we'll stop here and i'll get back to it.

i've been feeling a little bit chubby these days. the time has come where i need to lose weight. and fast..but the healthier way. i tried the HCg fun-ness and it made me sicker than a dog with nasty migraines and a horrible person. i tried healthe-trim and i lost 3 pounds in the 1st week and then nothing else the remainding 2 months (their promo is that you 'get high school skinny using this'....uhhhhhh...). i love to get out and go walking/jogging and i bought a fantastic jogger that i can hook up my i-pod to and has outward speakers so BIG D and i could rock out and we were using it and having a great time..and then he got croup a couple of times and then pneumonia. awesome.

so i made a deal with justin. when i lose 20 lbs i get to go on vacation. (and i guess i'll take the boys with me too). and by vacation... i mean sweet ol' cali. we dont have to do anything too special (we're going to disneyland w/ my entire family in october) but i want to go and relax and look good w/ my smokin' hot new body. and i told justin that if he loses 20 lbs by the same time i had, he gets a romantic evening and day with me and an overnighter w/out the little one (we haven't left him overnight yet). so these are FANTASTIC motives to get smaller AND more important, healthier.

i started a 7-day cleanse and im on the morning of day 6 and i've already lost 8 pounds. WOO-HOO! this cleanse is awesome because i didnt buy it over the counter, im not adding in "fat burning crap" that you really dont know whats in it. its just fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains and a lemon-water mixture (a little bit of lemon juice and maple syrup w/ 64 ounces of water). literally....its all stuff that i know exactly what it is. and THEN i bought some jillian michaels workout dvd's to kick my butt. so now i have a WONDERFUL jump start ( still with a couple more days/weigh-ins) to my GLORIOUS 20 pound marker. um....and vacation.

for the next 30 days....jillian michaels and i will have a date everyday (i'm trying her '30-day shred' video....yikes!) and to my sweet love affair CALIFORNIA-----i'll be there before you know it.



Liz and Navin said...

I have been wanting to get healthier too! When I cook, we eat healthy but sometime I don't have time to cook. I also want to try that 7 day cleanse. Is it hard? Anyway, I miss you! We need to get together!

afton said...

what cleanse are you doing?? i've been wanting to do one really bad lately but i can't have it be too extreme or too crazy of foods cause then i won't do it at all. it sounds like this one is pretty basic which i like! we definitely need to get together! school ends on monday for me so hopefully we can put something together in may

Tracy said...

I have been wanting to get more healthy too. Great inspiration. - Also, remember when we woud 'run' in high school!? ha ha.

Geevz said...

Best of luck! I'm glad you are doing things the old fashion way. SO much healthier! I know you'll do great!

Aimee & Josh Jensen said...

Yes. P90x is a 90 day program. its a different work out every day to get you completely ripped and into shape in 90 days. I have weight to lose first though so I've just been doing the cardio and abs instead of the weight lifting ones. Once I lose another 10 lbs I will do the complete program to build and tone :)

Our Paper Plates said...

Lots of luck! And let me pass you my extra poundage so you can lose that for me too! Ha ha! Love you. I'm on my way to losing 20 pounds too! Woot woot!