Thursday, May 6, 2010

stuff for sale!

we are moving...again....blah.

i don't want to move these extra things again.

WARNING: justin won't always be around to help so bring your own truck AND MOVERS!!! (if you want one of these items let me know...otherwise they'll be at our side-walk sale this saturday)



WASHER AND DRYER: $350 FOR BOTH ($250 FOR ONE)-(they're only 2 years old and awesome! never have had a problem w/ either one...we just have to down-size...sad.)

TALL TABLE AND CHAIRS: $100 OBO (i say 'obo' because each chair is missing a foot bar at the bottom but we have all the bars they just need to be put back on. bought these suckers brand new 2 years ago for $400)

there are some more things, so this Saturday the 8th we're going to have a side-walk sale for a couple of hours (like ONLY b/w 7:30-10am). it'll be LITERALLY on the sidewalk of horne just south of mckellips. park in the cornerstone apts for quick parking.
$1-$2 items we're selling:
~kitchen stuff
~golf stuff
~whatever else i can convince the boys we don't need


Camille Elise said...

OH my gosh...I'm SOO gunna be there! I actually really love that table and chairs!!!

Valerie Silvers said...

What kind of books are you selling and decorations?