Friday, October 15, 2010

this one is about d-land

of course our cali adventure had to start out with those amazingly huge dinosaurs. its pretty much tradition right?

dyson LOVED LOVED them. and i guess HUGE is the right word because little D is just a tad taller than the t-rex's surprised he wasnt scared by them one tiny bit.

and FINALLY we are at DISNEYLAND!! we went with my family (minus a few members...which we missed by the way) and it was pretty darn fun. i think D-man loved the characters more than the rides. he was in awe of everything around him...

like i said....he LOVED the characters. i wish i could zoom in on his face because he has the BIGGEST smile in every picture. he would throw the biggest fit when we had to take him away from them. i guess thats better than being scared of them right?? (and excuse my was the end of a LONG day)

tigger was definitely his favorite that day....i have a few pictures of them together and dyson is ecstatic in every one of them!

day 2 we went to california adventure. i didnt realize it until i brought a kid with me that its not really for little kids. although there are a few things just for the smaller ones, its mainly for bigger kids...oops....

oh handy manny...thanks for teaching me spanish.

um...yes this is my favorite picture...

we watched the pixar parade that night and as soon as little D saw buzz lightyear..this is the expression we freakin adorable!
we bought D some classic mickey ears with his name on the back and i think justin liked them a little better at first. it was late at night and we got pretty goofy. yes...this is the man ive been married to for 3 years. he's cute huh??
and dyson waving and saying "bye" in his sweet little high voice.
the trip was lots of fun but after a LONG trip back... it was nice to be home!!

DISNEYLAND...we'll see you again in a few months.... woo-hoo!!!


Valerie Silvers said...

His smile is so adorable! He is so happy to see all the characters, I love that! His smile looks as big as mine when I went and got a picture of belle! haha Im just like a kid. Glad to see all the fun pictures!

Michele said...

So fun! We are going in March and can't wait!

Tracy said...

I am in love with Dyson!
It looks like a great time! Can me and Cody be involved in your next D land trip?!

Adell said...

Hey! I love Disneyland. So jealous you get to go back soon. Someday I want to get a season pass. Dyson is so cute!! Love all your pictures. Lets have a play date soon!