Saturday, November 27, 2010

happy thanksgiving weekend!

so we forgot to take pictures on thanksgiving. oops. and we didnt go black friday shopping either. oops.
but we did visit bass pro shop to get our FREE picture with santa clause. before we went justin and little D decided to build a fort with his tent and blankets. i love that dyson is getting older and starting to enjoy these family moments!
boys and their fake toys
me and my sweet little meggers watched intensely...cant you tell?
not many people know but we just got done building our huge house and we wanted to take some family pictures by our new fireplace!

ummmmm...just kidding. thats still at bass pro but awesome fireplace huh!! oh one day.....
hope everyone had a fantastic thanksgiving weekend!!

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Jacob and Sheena Lee said...

Stef you look AMAZING! Your Hair is getting so long again! And of course your body is rockin!