Sunday, January 2, 2011


its 2011. really? this past year has flown by and I have too much to blog about.
I've been sitting here reading some of my old posts and I'm just loving every minute of it! but it makes me even sadder that we don't have the internet on the computer. I want to keep a journal so bad but ill be honest... I'm just not good at it. so this has been my journal and its hard to see that I've missed so much of our lives on here. even though probably not many care, its been tons of fun reading all his doctor appointment stats and seeing old pictures. so my goal this year is to.. well I guess get the real internet. and then my NEXT goal is to update lots and brag even more! ha.
so here is to 2011-may it be filled with lots of love,laughter, pictures and details :)



Valerie Silvers said...

I think that is a good goal! I love to read your post. Hope to hear from you soon! Happy New Year!

Connie said...

i love reading my blog too it's fun to go back and remind myself of fun times- I'm it's biggest fan, I think haha.