Tuesday, January 25, 2011


i am very happy to announce that we FINALLY have the internet in our home!! and to celebrate...you guys get lots of pictures! muah-ha-ha

i promise you wont get picture overlaods now because i can update every stinkin day if thats what i decide. *enter evil laughter again*

these are in a weird order. apparenly i have forgotten the special method of uploading pictures. this is new years eve with the annes fam. it was fn to light off fireworks...brought a little bit of cali to our hearts.

this is the first time i let dyson actually play in the rain. he LOVED it.

my sister megan had some free tickets to the phoenix zoo so we played there for a few hours. freakin coldest day EVER.
and....my little boy turned 2!! justin was in charge of taking pictures...so there arent many! ha
overload finished. for now

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