Tuesday, February 15, 2011

practical joke gone right

when i jokingly told just i had a mad craving for some fro-yo and that i wanted the biggest they had, this is what i got.
holy huge! i put my cell phone by it to show you how tall and gigantic it was. no sadly.. i did not eat it in one sitting. in fact i am still enjoying it as we speak! arent husbands amazing??
speaking of getting what you want, i had told justin that Sees candy was meant for 2 holidays: valentine's day and mother's day. HE REMEMBERED!! justin surprised me with some goodies for the v-day and as i was admiring my items i heard crinkling next to me and dyson repeating the word "mine". this is what i saw....

yes. he opened my deliciousness all by himself and started attacking. silly boy.


Valerie Silvers said...

Haha, when my mom gets see's candy that is my exact word when I eat some of hers, 'MINE'. Good thing my mom likes to share with her favorite child! haha

Jacob and Sheena Lee said...

LOL thats to cute! I love that kid!