Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the topic is chips and salsa

that is dyson eating chips and salsa. for dinner basically.

i eat chips and salsa ALL THE TIME. like anytime i get together with friends or family or need some yummy comfort food, we eat chips and salsa. but in visiting other places, i dont think others eat chips and salsa like arizonians do, and maybe we can even zone it down to just mesanites (people from mesa,az) .

true statement??? I mean i only lived in california for a few years when i was young but i cant remember really eating c & s. i know they have it in other states but do they eat them as a staple food like we do??? mind-blower....

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Terrence said...

We ate it in Gilbert like it was going out of style...so not just a Mesa thing! Why to Mesa peeps try to take all the credit? Ha ha. Maybe its just a Valley thing!