Monday, March 14, 2011

a weekend in CC

i dont know why i do this. blog stuff in non-chronological order. i have a date that was provided by my sweet friend tracy (but with no pictures sadly) AND a weekend in safford with the girls (but im waiting on pictures from my lovely friend to her) but yet i am about to blog about something that happened this last weekend. meh...guess you'll have to read another day for those events.
anywho...we went to christopher creek where justin's parents still live. it was fun.

dyson was SOOO excited to see/say snow. he looked for it every morning. except he wouldnt say the "s". he said it through his nose. like blow your nose for a second and then say nooo. and then do it really fast together. thats what we heard all weekend. as you can tell we are very much city people not at all prepared for mad beginning photography skills.
the next day we tried to go fishing. apparently...not many fish hang out in ice cold water in a small creek.
i wish i would have appreciated all the times my parents carried me. sometimes now i wouldnt mind being carried. as you can see...dyson does.
we tried to get a last minute family photo but it was definitely just time to go.
and then my poor little boy got really sick! the next day he basically just threw up or slept ALL DAY LONG. and then had a fever ALL night and ALL the next day. he's never been flu-sick at both ends at once so that was a new experience. and to not be at home and deal with it was even more of an adventure.but we're safe and sound and back at home!! halle-frickin-lujah.


Lindsey said...

I love the nice mountain air! Sorry your little guy got sick :(

Geevz said...

Looks like fun! And who ever said blogging needs to be in chronological order? There are no rules :)