Thursday, April 7, 2011

my male model

so i entered dyson into a kids contest thing just for fun cause we had just bought some clothing from the company and i thought to myself:

"why not stefanie. just enter him into the contest. your kid is a ham and it'll be a fun little thing to do in all your spare time."

i dont think ill ever do that again cause there are some CRAZY mom outs there.


if they win, they get a $77 gift card to the store and the kids picture goes on the company's website for a week...thats it. not lots of money. not lots of fame. and these moms are going after each other like wild beasts and trying to make new rules and reading every fine print possible to catch each other in cheating scandals.


but we had fun doing a little photo shoot. and by we i mean i.

dyson waving to all the voters, "HI VOTE FOR ME!"

dyson just standing there.
dyson thinking if he wants to do this or not.
and this one is the money maker. ya know...all $77 of it. in gift card form.

if you'd like to vote, go to facebook and go to the 77kids photo contest and find this picture of dyson and comment below the picture to cast your vote.

ill be SOOOO SAD if we dont win. this was his ONLY way to get into the modeling world. please please make our world a better place to live in by voting for dyson.


(dont worry im not being serious.. im not a pageant mom)


The Littles said...

Soooo fun!! I have entered Noah in a couple contests before!!lol He is so cute!!

Valerie Silvers said...

Ha, those photos are just too cute! And yes moms can get all crazy. I'm glad that you are having fun with this contest. I do hope he wins though!