Monday, April 11, 2011

its all about dyson

i am just loving this stage in dysons life right now! yes he is 2 and he'll throw fits, but his vocabulary is growing by the day and he is actually enjoys things right now. like he LOVES animals (from a distance more than up close) and he'll go up and scare someone and then fake laugh immediately afterwards. maybe thats not the greatest thing but....its still funny right now. he communicates with us SO much better and we understand each other, so things are kinda getting EASY.

he loves going places and looking at everything. you see...dyson is like me. we're people watchers and very observant. we took him to the dino musuem in mesa for an egg hunt last weekend. um...i dont know if i'd do that again. there were SOO many people and not enough eggs. a poor worker had pity on dyson because we had been there for almost an hour and found nothing so he gave us 2 eggs and then somehow we found 2 others. the museum had an awesome concept but it was a wild mess.he LOVES dinosaurs right now. he ran around yelling 'rarrr' which was HILARIOUS. not so funny when he did it to the little boy behind us...but still entertaining.

he's starting to get scared of things now though. like we took him to bass pro shop the other day cause he loves the fish but was TERRIFIED of all the other animals. so of course justin (being a dad) took him up close to the dino and about scared him half to death. he liked it...just not THAT close.

and my sweet boy is starting to LOVE reading. he's always liked it but now he's starting to name everything in the books and pretend read but only when we're not around. like this....i caught him in the bathroom reading (which is why its weird looking cause its from our bedroom very zoomed in) that face is classic cause he hates being caught especially when he's not doing anything bad. like if i would have caught him playing in the trash..he would have just smiled and walked away. he gets so embarrassed when he's in his "pretend world". we definitely have our ups and downs in the house..but for now im going to try to think positive and enjoy these sweet little moments cause i know he wont be my little boy forever!!!

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Lindsey said...

He's so cute!! And as a teacher I am THRILLED that he loves reading!