Wednesday, May 4, 2011


ive been wanting to blog really. i've just been tired and cranky. so nothing gets done lets be honest. but i finally feel up to getting this updated with some pictures of the d-man. do we have pictures of easter? no. no we dont. why you ask? the litte one and i were disgustingly sick (story of my life) and i dont feel like documenting that day. here is what i did get.

i'm really lucky cause dyson isnt much of a sweets kid. dont get me wrong..he's eaten several cookies in a row before but for the most part he'll take a few bites/licks and be done. i was pretty proud though that he figured out the true way to eat a ring-pop.

he wants to be a big boy sooo bad and i really should probably push it more. this is what happens when i let him do it himself. you should see potty time...oh goodness gracious.

the hot season has come upon us in good ol' az. so splash we come. but this is the face i see when i get him wet...cause basically all he does is run AROUND the splash pad and maybe touch the water occasionally. scaredy goofball.
he just loves playing with his cousin kenadee (which he calls kee).

hopefully ill be better at blogging and possibly we'll become more funner?? we do have some fun stuff coming up i guess...another move (**sigh**) and a couple of trips. i just need to remember to take pictures....


Connie said...

Brody hates splash pads!!! Or, at least he did the first two summers I took him. Hopefully he'll be more into it this summer because we have one right next to us! Kids are funny...
your little man is darling!

Valerie Silvers said...

I'm with ya on not blogging much. its hard to get the time to just sit and write a post, when there is so much going on.