Tuesday, October 11, 2011

ALIVE: yes

we're back!! alive and well...just tired and boring. now that we have our own place to live (we lived at my parents for the summer) and internet, i may just blog some more.

remember when i said i'd blog some preggo pics? oh..here you go. now yes...check out that fat face. pretty sure my face gets fat before the rest of my body. um and stays fat.

this is me at 17 weeks.

my sweet sweet boy wants to be just like his daddy always wearing his hat and glasses.
so happy to be in his place with his own room! (for now) every time we unpacked a new toy he would look up at me with the biggest smile and say "my toys?"

again....chubby face. but happy to be with my boys!!!

and here is my belly at 32 weeks.

big boobs: check

big belly: check

isnt he the cutest little thing ever!! i may just keep for forever :)

well thats what you get for now. i think we know baby #2's name but we're gonna just keep that a secret til we see his cute little face. exciting huh?? dont worry...he's only like 56 days away from his debut :) AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!