Friday, October 14, 2011

my grams and 4 years

my sweet sweet grandma morris (i've always called her grams) passed away yesterday afternoon. anyone who knows my grandma knows she is an AMAZING woman full of love and service. my grandma and i have always been very close!! my family moved across the street from my grandparents when i was 5 so she was able to be at every major event in my life. i got to watch her during the days these last couple of months and i learned SO SO SO much about her. i thought i knew everything but really i knew nothing! i already miss her like crazy but i know she had the perfect reunion with her parents/siblings/husband and daughter.

i cant wait to see her again some day!!!!

it was a sad and happy day yesterday. justin and i's 4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY was yesterday as well!!
(this was the night before at the rehearsal dinner)

i love this man too much! he puts up with my craziness and loves me for who i am and all that comes with it!! he is AMAZING and such a wonderful father and husband!!

we havent been able to do anything but he bought me these beautiful flowers!! seriously so good to me :) these bad boys fill up the house with such a wonderful happy fragrance which is exactly what we need right now!!!!

i love you justin!! we will hopefully get to celebrate VERY SOON!!!!!!!