Saturday, October 22, 2011

i'm glad someone in the family is getting good sleep cause its not me. oh complaining.

isnt he such a cutie though just knocked out cold. notice he's sleeping on his "chow"pillow (he calls lightening mcqueen chow because he says ca-chow) and he has his white dog (all dalmations are called white dog) and his animal blankie: 3 necessities for a 12 hour good nights sleep for dyson. im so lucky he's an AMAZING sleeper.

its been 3 years since i've been pregnant and i've forgotten ALOT about everything that pregnancy entails. PLUS this baby has added all sorts of fun new things like making me pee my pants a little EVERYTIME i sneeze or when i sit certain ways and he kicks. love it.

as long as this one is just as cute or cuter when he sleeps, we might just keep him. after all...he should be coming in like 45 days or so. i dont even know why im counting down because im TERRIFIED to have 2 kids. i think im just excited to have a littler body back and not have my ribs and hip kicked and punched for hours out of the day.

if i can get it on video ill show you all my peach-fuzzy belly moving around like an alien is trying to make its way out. its pretty gross and fascinating all at the same time. cross your fingers that you'll get to see it too :)