Friday, October 28, 2011

happy how-yo-ween!!!

pictures are a little backwards (cant ever remember darn blogger) but this year we actually got kinda into halloween. i dont know why but i dont like halloween....except something in me SPARKED this year and i actually wanted us to participate in some halloween traditions.

these mr. potato head push-ins are AMAZING cause carving is kinda ridiculous and dyson LOVE LOVES pirates and bones right now. perfect right??

just gettin' me some halloween lovin.
dyson took this picture by himself. he loves taking pictures right now its kinda an obsession of his. not too bad for a 2 year old.

dad carved this pumpkin like a week ago?? its lightening mcqueen. and its already filled with mold. again.....those push-ins are wonderful.

guess what dyson is going to be??? :) he was so sick this day but SO SO happy when we bought the costume he had to wear it all day.

justin loving this part

cant you tell dyson loved it too??? oh and he had been eating popcicles...same sick day. those stains surprisingly came out.

and dyson took this picture of daddy all by himself. seriously not that bad of a photographer!

finished product and my happy boys!

hope everyone has a happy and safe how-yo-ween!!!