Tuesday, November 1, 2011

hot air balloon-or-treat...wait what??

again...pictures are in reverse order...one day ill figure it out!

good thing dyson is still little cause we kinda were a bummer on trick or treating this year. my body/baby has decided it likes to have lots of contractions at night so walking around wasnt the ideal situation. good thing he scored lots of candy saturday night!

everytime i want to take pictures of him this is how he poses now...he's copying me and my preggo poses!! LOVE IT

before we tried the adventure of trick-or-treating we stopped by my parents for some poses on the front porch. hey we found jake the power rancher too!

saturday night we went to salt river fields at talking stick and saw hot air balloons and trick-or-treated at them. we got in free so it was WELL worth it. dont know if we'll go again but fun for that night!!

literally you walked right up to the balloon basket so it was VERY loud when they would turn on their fire to keep the balloons inflated. and HOT. this was dyson pretty much the entire time.

crazy how its already time to take down the halloween decorations and get ready for the next holiday. thanksgiving here we come!!

SO NOTE TO BABY: please dont come before then...you still have 35 more days to go.