Sunday, November 6, 2011

he's a boy.

i've decided that while i have some extra time i might as well update this bad boy. well that...and high blood pressure and water retention lets me have ALOT more down time. more than i want right now....mama bird's nesting instincts have kicked in....STRONG.

i definitely have a little boy on my hands cause batman is his new obsession as well as ninja-style activities. thank you kung-fu panda.

if you didnt know...thats dyson in a batman mask. halloween hasnt ended at our house yet. it'll be a traumatic day.

we got a good deal on the sword so why not right?

it's the loudest/brightest toy we've ever owned because when he swings it makes clanking noises. and this is the stance he gets in right before a 'hi-ya' and a swing to the leg. we get chased around the house quite often. good exercise. good thing i just love this little boy :0)