Wednesday, November 9, 2011

mommy's letter to her big boy.

Dear sweet sweet Dyson,

I know you know something new is going to happen to our family. Your needing of attention every second of everyday is getting to be a little intense. Now know this...Mommy loves you very much. But if you poke my belly one more time I might give you away for the day.
These pictures are to document how i see you every day now. Don't get me wrong.. I LOVE that you love your little brother and ask him to come out of my belly to play with you, but I think you'll have a different opinion when he just lays there and needs Mommy's full attention sometimes.

I get that life is a little confusing for you right now. Mommy's HUGE tummy,that is only getting bigger by the day, doesnt let her roll around and wrestle with you like we used to but dont you worry, when your little brother comes out we will make up for lost time. I love you very much and i know you will be an AMAZING big brother!!!!

Love~ your tired big mama

(dyson took the picture below...thats what he sees through his eyes everyday??? poor kid)

lets be honest...even though i'm over 36 weeks and dialated to a 2, this baby probably isnt coming early. so ATLEAST 27 more days folks....