Wednesday, November 30, 2011

all my bags are packed and im ready to go...

such an awesome song huh?? really im thinking of the punk version when i sing it and it makes me happy.

oh did you think this was going to be a post about the baby cause i havent posted in a couple of weeks? yea..i thought it would be too but apparently im part elephant and my gestation period is closer to 22 months than 9.

i've been at a 4+ for forever. seriously. and my body has definitely progressed in many gross ways. but no baby. i think he wants me to pass a 9 lb+ baby out of my body so i can brag about it to all of you folks.

OBVIOUSLY my body doesnt want to go though labor by itself so we're forcing this child out. my induction is scheduled for dec 5th. lets all pray he comes earlier because my husband just tore the meniscus in his right knee AGAIN and i need some family reinforcement during a weekend time frame. apparently i bought a lemon when i married him so im thinking about trading him in for a newer model if we cant fix him up this time. this will be his 3rd surgery on the same knee in 4 years (and the last one i was a throwing up preggo girl as well). its ok he's aware im telling people this and he knows im totally half joking.

so....husband...not working for a couple of months/cant drive/cant walk.... 1st born child....not handling the fact that another child is going to enter into our family and is a total terror....and last not-yet-born baby (we're not having any more kids)....not wanting to leave my uterus. ever.

life is wonderful. it really is. just having a pregnant woman moment. lets just hope the next post is about the baby shall we????