Saturday, December 10, 2011


Lincoln Eugene Lee

December 2nd


20 1/2 inches
this labor and delivery was WAY different than dyson's. with dyson i was in labor for 21 hours and 45 min of pushing. this one was way easier. and faster. went to the doc that morningish still was a 4 but had high blood pressure that wouldnt go away so we were sent over to the hospital. less than 20 min later i was in a bed, at a 5 and labor was beginning on its own. he broke my water at 12:41pm and mr. lincoln boy was born at 3:55pm. less than 3 hours of labor and 17 min of pushing. of course lots of fun details happened in between that time frame but im going to keep it at that... short and sweet just like my little peanut!!!
oh...this is me right before we were about to go home. thats my terrified face. dont worry i have a piece of candy in my mouth i wasnt that swollen. and yes i look AMAZING after having a baby and only having about 45 min of sleep in a two day period.

my 2 boys just as content as can be! dyson sure loves his little bro and lincoln loves his big bro. we almost had to go back to the hospital due to this ones major jaundice issue, but a bili blanket at home did the trick! we get to return the darn thing and now peanut (thats what i call him cause he's so stinkin' small) doesnt get to work on his tan anymore.

how is dyson adjusing a week later???

dont worry..thats just his "mean" face. but he is a happy boy with his brother. he truly LOVES him. but he does act out to get attention so we're working on that. a little bit of one on one does the trick and life is well!!

on another note...justin got his knee surgery on the 8th and he is healing fast! his doc wants him walking on it already and should be back to work next week?!? hopefully. and i am feeling well and trying to get somewhat back into a routine. HA!

our goal this week: get more sleep, take more pictures, get more sleep. dont you just LOVE this little guy!!! :)